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What an absolutely incredible session of bodywork! So much more than simply massage. I have never walked away from a table feeling so good and I have had many, many sessions of bodywork and massage. I have an incredibly long list of injuries and subsequent tissue adaptations and every method employed worked perfectly with my body and was exactly what was needed. I have already booked my next several sessions and can’t wait to go back. Absolutely worth the wait.

Sarah Hartman

I’ve been getting massages for 30+ years before trying Intense Lotus Massage. It was the best massage I’ve ever had. Excellent massage therapy skills. I’m regularly booking massage therapy sessions with great results.

Richard Pettitt

What an absolute incredible bodywork/massage session. Every technique applied was exactly what was needed. The ambiance was great, and the work itself was phenomenal. 10/10 recommend and will definitely be back for more work. I feel amazing!

Sonic Red

After doing a Google search for a really good massage therapist, I scheduled my appointment and it was months away because anyone who is good at what they do is always booked. That's ok, I am willing to wait for the right fit. Last night I had my first massage with Haekyong. I was welcomed to her home, asked to remove my shoes and given soft slippers to wear. Then I was shown upstairs to the massage studio portion of the house. The temperature of the air was perfect and the room was very relaxing. I undressed and got into the warm massage bed.

People, let me tell you, if you're looking for real relief from muscle knots and tightness you have found it. Haekyong truly has the knowledge, strength and intuition necessary for a real therapeutic massage. Did you ever go for a massage hoping for real muscle work and basically got petted with lotion? This isn't that. She works hard! She finds the places that need the help. She has a firm touch which I appreciate but can lighten up if you're more tender overall, or just in certain spots like me. I booked two more massages for myself and two for my husband as well. To end my review, I had the best nights sleep and awoke refreshed and feeling really good. Thank you so much Haekyong and I can't wait to see you again. 💖

Rachael W

Miracle worker! A true body mechanic, I love my chiropractor, massage therapist, physical therapist, and acupuncturist. Nothing comes close though to the results I get with one visit to Intense lotus. Haekyong pinpoints sources of pain with ease, she has immense knowledge, and knows how to fix problems in a way that is nothing short of miraculous. I have had other Thai massage, but she is so highly trained, the real deal, and makes others seem like amateurs. I was hesitant to leave a review because she is often so booked out and I don’t want more people knowing about her. She’s no doubt the best in at least Washington State for Thai Massage, world class.

Drew Melvin

I have had the best experience with Haekyong at Intense Lotus Massage. She has been able to provide me relief after 3 years of upper back, neck and lower back pain. Her techniques are very effective and she is professional and well educated. Have seen her three times and already scheduled for the fourth! Must try!

Rebeca Wood

Haekyong is the best massage therapist you'll ever have! I'm so glad I found her. She focuses on those tight spots and fix it! I 100% recommend her, she's very knowledgeable and kind.

Mrs. Cruz

Haekyong has great ability and skill as a massage therapist. Very professional. You do not go to her for a fluff massage. She is 100% zeroed in on your healing. She gave me great insights into my body's connections. It is very difficult to find someone at her level.

Adam Bottorff

Haekyong is a beautiful person who has amazing techniques and methods for loosing up any tight or painful area you have. Don't hesitate to schedule because she stays booked! Well worth the time and money to come see her. Thank you again, Haekyong.

Corey Cosgrove

I have seen this massage therapist twice, and I anticipate to continue seeing her on a regular basis. Her knowledge of the human body blows my mind, I feel like she knows my body better than I do. She always offers stretches and exercises to strengthen muscles that are bothering me. The massages are done out of her home, and they are some of the best massages I have ever had. My only hesitancy with writing an absolutely raving review, is that her schedule is quite full on a regular basis and, selfishly, I don’t want more people to see her to make scheduling more challenging, lol! She is wonderful, polite, knowledgeable, and strong! I have no need to ever see another massage therapist!

New Day Midwifery

Hands-down best massage I’ve ever had.! She was very professional and super attentive and effective with her technique. Also very knowledgeable about muscle groups and navigating where I had the most concerns. If you’re looking for a Swedish massage, this is not the place to go! She really puts the work in and makes you feel much better.

Ben Cook

From the moment of reaching out, scheduling, intake, massage session, and after care, it was a true joy to be able to receive quality care from a truly gifted healer. As far as massage therapy goes, it is one of the best experiences I have had, and I look forward to making trips to her a part of my self care routine.

She gave very clear explanations of the body mechanics, connections, and has a intuitive sense of the inter-relatedness of physiology, and causes/effects.

Also, she gives very good tips on correcting the root of the issue/symptoms, instead of just providing relief from massage. Very much appreciated!

Jimmy Wong

Out of the 13 years I have been active in massage therapy, my first visit with Haekyong was one of the best. She is an extremely knowledgeable and talented healer. Her ability to diagnose my imbalances and to resolve them so thoroughly was quite impressive. I have never been stretched like I was on her table, and I have years of experience. I also really appreciate how Haekyong helps you to be comfortable communicating with her about the limitations of your body. It’s important to her that you are comfortable, and that you feel safe to give feedback. I will be going back soon!

Megan B.

Out of all the massages I’ve had at different places no matter if they were at nice spas, resorts, or in someone’s house this was the best massage that I’ve had! I absolutely love the stretches throughout the massage too. And I also love that she gives military discounts! I’ll definitely be back!! ☺️

Kayla McFarland

I am typically unimpressed with most massages I've had over my lifetime but not with this one! It was amazing. She was very thorough and gave an incredible massage tailored to my body's needs. I'm dealing with a reverse curve in my neck and almost permanent slouch and tense muscles due to poor posture over the years and she helped immensely. I'll definitely continue to go back.

Kathryn Kirkpatrick

Hayekyong is the best Massage therapist whom I have been to. She is very skilled & did lots of adjustments which helped me tremendously. I was suffering from lower back pain for a while and after her adjustments I felt so much better. I highly recommend her. She is the best!!!!

Choon Young

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